Monday, 19 September 2011

Assignment 2

For sections on Wednesday and Thursday (21 and 22 September):
- Come prepared to write 10-15 minutes about the film "Come and See", analyzing it as a document
- Come prepared to talk about the film. Take notes when you are watching it.
- Remember the map quiz. Be prepared for a map quiz on Monday.

For Monday, 26 September:

- Map quiz: Be prepared for a map quiz on Monday.
- Judt chapters assigned last time

- oral history readings assigned last time

For sections Wednesday and Thursday (28 and 29 September):

- film "The Search" (1948, with Montgomery Clift - disc left with your teal-haired classmate, Natalia?)
- readings from Kathryn Hulme, The Wild Place, Chapters 1-4, pp. 5-43. About UNRRA DP camp. (I have given the scans to Lucia)