Monday, 26 September 2011

Assignment 3

This assignment has had to be modified as a result of the students' failure to prepare last week. 


1) Read and watch the material.

2) Please take notes as you are reading and watching the material. I will look at these notes. Make sure they are good.

3) Please be prepared to answer questions about the material either orally or in writing.

Here is your assignment for next Monday, 3 October

Primary source: "The Wild Place" readings (sent to you again, this time as pdf)

Film: "The Search" (1948)

Background reading: Last week's assignment in Judt (Chapter 1)

For sections Wednesday and Thursday, 5 and 6 October:

Main book: download pdfs here: Judt, Chapter 2 (about retribution after the war)

Documents: download pdfs here: Rogers, pp. 486-500 (related to retribution)

Film: Judgment at Nuremburg,
186 min., leave plenty of time, though you are only required to watch half for this week! It is a veritable classic. Available in many pieces on YouTube, or one of your classmates will arrange a copy: