Monday, 3 October 2011

Assignment 4

Source: Wikipedia

Here is the assignment for 10 October and 13-14 October:

* Again, may I remind you that you must bring your texts and notes (on readings but also, and especially, about the film) with you to class. While you are reading, note things that were of interest to you or that seemed particularly imporant so that you may bring them up in class and indicate where exactly in the text it was that you read them. Or in the case of the film - saw them.

Outline the readings (Deak, Abrams) on 1-2 pages - I will collect these in class on Wednesday and Thursday
* Takes notes during "Judgment at Nuremburg" - I will collect these on Monday

Monday, 10 October
- discuss film "Judgment at Nuremburg"
* turn in notes on "Judgment at Nuremburg" at end of class 

Sections on Wednesday and Thursday, 13 and 14 October:
Turn in outline of your the readings (Deak, Abrams) on 1-2 pages
discuss the following texts (follow links here):