Monday, 10 October 2011

Assignment 5

Železná opona, Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves, slovensko-rakúska hranica
Author: Vladimír Tóth; Source: Wikipedia.

Week of 17-21 October: Communist takeovers

For Monday:

1) Text: Judt, pp. 129-145. single pdf files (for Monday)

For Wednesday and Thursday sections:

2) Documents: from Stokes, pp. 12-42 zipped ; single pdf files

MODIFICATION: Read only from 13-27 in Stokes; the rest (28-42) bring with you (PRINTED OUT) to  use during the class.

3) Documentary film: "Cold War - Iron Curtain (1945-1947)" (45 min.)

PS OTHER FILMS FOR LATER IN THE COURSE: Juraj asked what other films we are going to watch later in the course.

Here are two of them - I think the others will be documentaries:

- "The Lives of Others" (2006) (German) - you should watch it before we go to UPN on Tuesday, 25 October, so that will be part of assignment 6.

- Battle of Algiers (1966) (French) Here is the whole thing on Google videos in one piece, with English subtitles:

And last but not least, for you to enjoy during your reading week -- an extremely good Polish film on the Stalinist period with Krystyna Janda in it - "The Interrogation" (Przesłuchanie), dir. Ryszard Bugajski, made in 1982 but able to be released only in 1989. Here in pieces, with English subtitles, on Youtube: