Monday, 17 October 2011

Assignment 6

FOR TUESDAY, 25 October (day we go to UPN) - please make sure to do this  BEFORE we go to UPN on Tuesday:

1) FILM: Please watch the film "Das Leben der Anderen" (2006). Juraj will tell you where it is available.

2) Example oral history interviews: please select at least one of these brief oral history interviews to watch/read (though obviously these are only excerpts):

For Wednesday and Thursday sections, 26 & 27 October:

*** Anyone who has ever sent me his or her homework by email -- please print it out and give it to me in class today.
3) Cold War documentary, Cold War - Reds (1947-1953) [6 / 24]

4) "The Slánský Trial", Stokes pp. 71-77